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The Dolphin Swim Journal

Have your every considered living today can be as smooth as a dolphin swim?

Join the hitech dolphin in a dolphin swim to discover new paths of simple joy in today's hitech-world:

Lyrics of Songs
Dolphin Swim
By Orit Levav

I have so many questions !
With so few answers.

Listening to ancient wisdom, I simply "Rest my case" ...
Swimming for a while ...

Just rest and trust,
... swim and smile !!!

'Cycle of Work' Lyrics of Songs

To reduce work stress, balance your frequency
Recently I've switched to work from home. Less work stress, less commuting, more time to breath. And new schedule to arrange, in order to be productive.

The End of Work
Is it the end of the age of work, as we know it? And what can you do about it?

Beyond hi-tech technology:
Purpose Driven Life

We all have the opportunity to live purpose driven life. Which technology supports it?

Effective Consulting - Create your own trend
Here is my personal consulting story. To really succeed as a consultant, you will have to create your own trend. Today, with the help of the Internet, it is much easier then before. Still, you will have to separate the hype from the facts and use effective Internet tools.

Effective Consulting
How to Profit from What You Already Know

Living Jobs or Monster Jobs
It's all your choice

Effective Consulting - The Practice of Simplicity
Less is more... And choosing simplicity leaves time for the really important things. Choosing simplicity is the base requirement for having the free time you need to do what you want in life.

Creating the work I love
How to create a work you love? Here are some answers.

Dream manifestation: A new software tool is here to help

One of the most amazing new tools I've recently discovered is Dream Minder. Is it ...a screen saver? A source for inspiration? A stress reduction tool? or a mentoring program? I got all of those and more.

Career choice: Dare to dream

Creative writing tip: Use hand for writing, computer for editing, and web

The 'Cycle of Work' lyrics of songs

Auto Insurance Quotes?
Dolphins swim. But hitech-dolphins still drive. Sometimes, getting auto insurance quotes seems like a real necessity. Is it so? And which strategies to use in order to minimize their cost?

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