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To Reduce Work Stress,
Balance your Frequency

Recently I've switched to work from home. Less work stress, less commuting, more time to breath. And new schedule to arrange, in order to be productive.

I have to unlearn many habits, and create new ones. When I do things more slowly, to balance my frequency, I am more creative and focused. Sometimes, an hour would be enough to complete a quality document which would otherwise take four hours to create a lower quality draft.

The key issue is frequency, the rate (or speed) in which we do things. If we do it too fast, we burn ourselves. And if we do it too slow, no work is done. The key is balance.

Hitech Dolphins easily swim in a hitech world, while adjusting their inner frequency as needed in order to handle the situation. Here are my 10 tips to balance your frequency:

10. Sleep early, preferably before 10:00 pm ("Early to sleep, early to rise, keeps men healthy, happy and wise").

9. Wake up early, preferably before sunrise (those are the most productive hours, without any disturbances).

8. Start your morning with some physical activity. Get some fresh air (I am working in the garden, or walk to the nearby nature reserve).

7. Early morning is the most productive time of day. Use it wisely for the essence of what you want to do today. (I am meditating on a vision of my day going smoothly, people smiling, and more I find it great to imagine my strategic attraction plan - inspired by perfectcustomers.com).

6. When working, continue breathing. It will highly reduce your work stress.

5. Move your eyes. Don't make them fixed on the monitor. It helps with stress reduction and improves your vision (I use the Baytes method) .

4. From time to time, take a stretching break. Work stress tends to accumulate, so moderate stretching break helps as a work stress relief.

3. Schedule your days according to the physical task you do (doing phones in a certain time, meetings on another can be great, if possible).

2. Schedule your email reading time to later time. Don't start your day with it, or you will go out of inner focus.

1. Smile. Keep a positive mood. See the positive inner site of every situation. Remember that every thing is meant for the best.

Blessing of balanced frequency,


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