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Dream Minder: A new software tool is here to help

One of the most amazing new tools I've recently discovered is Dream Minder. Is it ...a screen saver? A source for inspiration? A stress reduction tool? or a mentoring program? I got all of those and more.

Dream minder inspirational quotes screen saver: how can I have more fun doing the things I need to do today?My first impression

Keep your focus

Set your goals

Get a screen-saver packed with inspirational quotes

Dream minder installation and setup


My First impression

I learned about the tool by an interesting "coincidence", when I was searching for dolphin healing information, as part of my web research for dolphin information. Over the years, I've tried a lot of self-help tools - motivational tapes and how-to books, seminars and workshops. But most of them went mostly unused. Dream Minder is unique - It's not a book which I read once. I can use it every day, when I use my computer. Immediately, I felt compelled to try it.

How to keep your focus?

When you sit in front of a computer, there are so many things to do. So many distractions. You can read email, surf the web, write some documents, make some phone calls, and suddenly the day is over. There are so many distractions.

How to stay focused on your real goals in today's hitech world?

Dream-minder helps you to stay focused on your real goals and dreams by reminding them to me throughout the day. Shooting pictures, relaxing music and inspirational quotes are part of the deal.

Set your goals

Dream Minder turns goal-setting into a game. It is new kind of software, which allows you to capture your own inner goals and most sacred dreams. Then it reminds them to me throughout the day. With Dream-Minder, The computer is no longer a boring piece of hardware. Now, it reminds me of my own goals.

Get a screen saver packed with inspirational quotes

Dream minder inspirational quotes screen saver: How can you share your dream of "Financial Independence"  with more people?In regular intervals, Dream Minder now pops up in the center of the screen (it may be maximized) and display nice pictures, inspirational quotes together with my goals and dreams.

Calm music is played in the background and helps me to zap my stress. I found myself immediately starting to breath and relax.

Dream minder installation and setup

I got the Dream Minder installation CD in a few days of my order. Installation was easy on my Windows-2000 machine.

During this initial setup (and later on), Dream Minder learns to personalize itself to your needs. Dream Minder (full with music, inspiring pictures, and intriguing questions) easily guided me to enter my goals, talents, values and dreams. I did some of it, then returned to it later.


Hitech Dolphin's Lyrics of Song

Sacred Dreams

Give to get  ~ teach to learn,

Dream to do ~ do your dreams!

Share your vision ~ sing and listen

All is one.

I highly recommend Dream Minder for anyone who works long times in front on the computer and wants to keep focus and vitality. It's great for professionals. It's also good for anyone who needs inspiration and motivation - students, teachers, mentors, consultants, business owners and more.

Even if you don't have time to write your goals, dream-minder is still the most inspirational and relaxing screen saver I have ever seen.

With Dream-Minder, my life are not the same anymore.

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