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Effective Consulting

For years I've been doing consulting work. I've acquired tons of knowledge. People always need fresh advice. And I don't have time to serve them all. What to do? I want to share this knowledge. How to do it with ease, and profit?

Lyrics of Songs
Dolphin Swim
By Orit Levav

I have so many questions !
With so few answers.

Listening to ancient wisdom, I simply "Rest my case" ...
Swimming for a while ...

Just rest and trust,
... swim and smile !!!

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I can lecture - but lectures are limited by my availability.

Write Books & Articles

I can write books - but people mostly don't have time to read long books. I can write articles and publish them through the web - that's better.

Effective Web Strategy

For me, as a consultant, nothing comes close to an effective intenrnet prescence - having my own website in which I can share my conclusions with the world. Having an effective website can bring all kinds of business opportunities otherwise unheard of.

An effective website multiplies the power of any other consulting activity - the more I share, the more people are ready to hear my advice when they call me. The clients I get are much more focused. They know what they want, and I don't have to invest hours to tell them.

I recommend alot of products to my clients, even before they've bought one service from me. That's a proof of my profession. Now I can profit from my recommendations. When a prospect buy the products I recommend - I get a commission. Prospects can act upon my recommendations even before they meet me, and they don't pay extra. Everyone profits.

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