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Effective Consulting - The Practice of Simplicity

Simplicity is a word of magic. Less is more... And choosing simplicity leaves time for the really important things. Choosing simplicity is the base requirement for having the free time you need to do what you want in life.

From my work as a software consultant

My work as a software consultant takes alot of time. Except for the intensive work needed by clients, there is an endless stream of new things to learn.

How to manage it all? And what things to do first?

Simplcity is a key skill to practice.

Knowing when to say enough and Deciding on what to focus.

Completing current tasks before starting new ones. Focus of mind. Focus of thought.

Today I've taken a vacation. Chosen to give up a meaningless seminar at work and write this article instead. When we know how to say enough, a world of new opportunities is opened.

When I choose to relax, to surrender, to let go - everything goes smoother, and I am much more effective. Then I know what to do first.

When we choose to give up, there is time to relax, to regain strength and happiness, to listen to the wind and hear the birds. Whether you work as a consultant or a manager or a programmer or a support person - less is more.

Simple decisions

Irena Ososkin, the inventor of the 'Ira Method' for bioenergetic healing, wrote:

"Thought, like love, is not made alone."

Decisions are best made ...together with other people.

Collaborate ... and smile. Hug and breath, while ...

One of the major preconditions for effective prioritization to happen is to create a quiet space, a clearing, with little or no distractions. The most effective prioritization happens when we have the space to do it. It's important to plan and design. If you feel stress at work, take some breaths. I've once healed myself of a stress-generated HITZTANENUT by taking a breath before each keyboard stroke. Strive to balance your frequency (Dream Minder helped me alot to find more fun doing the things I do today). The 'faster' we try to force the task to finish, the slower it may get. The simpler we make it, the better.

Simple web presence

SBI, the mechanism I use to build this site, teaches me simplicity. It is an al-in-one package which allows me to focus on the essentials, while taking care of the technical details of marketing and design. No longer I have to read tons of technical material and integrate many mechanisms together when building my web site. SBI bundles lot of them together, and bundles them together.

Simplicity also helps when writing for the web. I've learned it's best to focus each web page on a single subject. Search engines love it.

For a long time I've tried to select the best affiliate programs - but now the ads simply take care of themselves, using the simple Google Adsense technology, so I can concentrate on giving you really effective tips. That's how the hitech-dolphin becomes small enough for me to work on it on my spare time.

Simple computer configuration

I've learned from experience that a simple computer configuration saves tremendous amounts of time. Each additional software installed has the potential to create more and more conflicts with currently installed programs. Finally, when too much software is installed, the computer becomes very slow and even craches. Today's MS-Windows based computers are analogous to cars. Each software installed increases the speedometer count and finally comes the time when the computer, like a car, need a periodic treatment. The only treatment which really helps is to install Windows on a fresh directoy and then reinstall all software. I've done it four times during the last three years. My current policy is to try to use standard software as much as possible.

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