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Finding a job

Finding a job is finding your place of happiness. After a career choice is made and you have been looking for knowledge, the time comes when you are looking for work.

Lyrics of Songs

Finding a Job

It can last for a month ,
  or a year ,
  Will it do fine …
  for one winter ,
Or a lifelong career ?
I will do my best
    to fit my shape …
    Not wasting (too much
of) my soul and self.

But who can say ,
I have to fight my way to stay?
   Sometimes the lesson
      is not long ,
      … you can't find music
   for your song,
and need to move .

(nothing to prove…)
   because the one ,
      you are truly working for ,
      is not a person …
   encouraging you, day by day,
to only keep the lesson .

*Cycle of work* songs

Are you looking for more money? Happiness will bring it. Are you looking for practical experience? Happiness will let that experience be assimilated in your body. Beyond mental questions, you need to experience. Get to lots of interviews. After each interview, open your notebook and write what you have liked and what you have disliked. The process of writing will transform each interview into a learning experience.

I deeply recommend the book "What color is your parachute" – This is a great book on finding a job, career shifting, resume writing, and much more– it contains essential information about the job market and about effective job search. I highly recommend reading it.

Interviewing tips and your understanding of them are vital to your success in finding your next job and in salary negotiation. Being well-prepared, you become more relaxed and focused.

To succeed in finding a job, you must focus and clearly define you goals. When you attune to the right frequency, it’s much easier to achieve your dreams. We all have goals and dreams, but how to memorize them in the rush of the daily activity? Dream-Minder is here to help.

Lyrics of Songs
Dolphin Swim
By Orit Levav

I have so many questions !
With so few answers.

Listening to ancient wisdom, I simply "Rest my case" ...
Swimming for a while ...

Just rest and trust,
... swim and smile !!!

'Cycle of Work' Lyrics of Songs

Inspirational Quotes

Be still, and know that I am!"

(Psalms 46:11)

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