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Beyond hi-tech technology:
Purpose Driven Life

We all have the opportunity to live purpose driven life. We deserve it.

Which technology supports it?

Today's technology

Today's life is govrened by hi-tech technology and tools . We use them for our everyday tasks, from cleaning the carpets to driving, from writing to running. Each day we have more and more inventions, more and more new technologies, more and more gadgets, more and more services to maintain those gadgets.

Finding your mission in life

To create purpose driven life, use purpose. Do it with joy. Use it for fun, to make people happy. But carefully select the technology you use, and use it for a better purpose. Plan for repeating use and recycling.

Today's gadgets

Lots of fossil fuels and other non-renuable energy sources are used to produce today's technoogy gadgets. Do we get more satisfaction from those technoogy gadgets? Do we get more life? To get stress-free satisfaction, we have to do things slowly, to reduce our speed, to listen to music of nature around us, and to relax. Some of us can only do this while taking a vacation.

From hi-tech to life

To really heal our life, we have to change our lifestyle, to put healing and joy into our work-life. For change to presist, it have to turn into a lifestyle.

Beyond hi-tech

Beyond hi-tech, technology which supports purpose driven life is starting to appear. To survive, humanity must create friendly technologies which work with nature. Technologies which use no fossil fuels. Technologies which heal the planet. And those technologies are starting to appear:

Tachyon - new technology helps purpose driven life. Tachyon energy, is a new paradigm in holistic healing. Tachyon energy products help me protect myself from electromagnetic radiation and enhance my life force. They enhance my focus. They support all holistic healing treatments. And they don't use fossil fuel for operation.

The key for living purpose driven life is simplicity. There is a flood of technology around, but less is more. Choosing simplicity leaves time for the really important things. Choosing simplicity is the base requirement for having the free time you need to do what you want in life.

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