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Auto Insurance Quotes?

Dolphins swim. But hitech-dolphins still drive. Sometimes, getting auto insurance quotes (or other insurance quotes) seems like a real necessity. Is it so? And which strategies to use in order to minimize insurance cost and maximize effectiveness?

Auto Insurance Quotes Cost Reduction Tips

Top strategies (first ones are the most effective in reducing your overall bill):

  1. Choose a lifestyle which won't depend of day to day transportation. Create a daily habit of walking by foot - it's a good exercise and improves your health.
  2. If you need to commute - Use public transportation whenever possible, to minimize your car insurance dependency. Consider care sharing options.
  3. Only insure what you can't afford to pay. There is no need for a full auto insurance if this is a used car. A partial insurance, (which covers your health and damages to 3rd party equipment), may usually be enough.
  4. Shop for the base insurance deal, especially if you need full insurance.

Auto insurance online advertisements usually talk only about the 4th strategy. It's your responsibility to choose your lifestyle.

On a world of rising oil prices, choosing a lifestyle which is highly dependent on fossil fuels is a financial and health hazard. Auto insurance quotes must be carefully re-considered. Choose wisely, and save happily.

Beyond Insurance - Life Assurance

We are so used to car insurance that its' almost a necessity in today's fast-paced world. Yet, It's essential to put things into proportion. Auto insurance can only compensate you for the financial loss. It won't compensate you for your lost life, health, or happiness.

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