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Living Jobs or Monster Jobs

Do you want living jobs or a monster jobs?

It's all your choice, whether to choose life or the opposite, whether you choose love or control:

Lyrics of Songs

Living jobs and monster jobs

Living jobs or monster jobs,
Simple jobs or complex jobs,
Happy jobs or Lonely jobs,

All is our choice.

Organic jobs or synthetic jobs,
Current jobs and future jobs,

All is our choice.

Monster jobs (n.)

Jobs which waste your time, draw your life-force energy, bringy you closer to the cementry. Jobs which help people control other people. The monster jobs site is an awful name for the biggest job-search site in the world. We all have another choice:

Living jobs (n.)

Jobs which increase you life-force energy. Jobs you can live with. Jobs which helps other people to live. Jobs which grow with you. Jobs which are integrated in the community in which you live. Organic jobs. Living Jobs are connected to your life's mission, help our planet to survive at the deepest level. Living jobs make people closer and happier to each other. They empower people to help other people.

Inspirational Quotes

"And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth"
(Genesis 8:2)

"The rebbes said: 'No monster can rule a man unless the man seems to her like a beast'."
(Tania, chapter 24)

How is your job?

Hitech-jobs become more complex each year. Common wisdom tells us there is so much to learn - and so little time. No wonder some people percieve hitech-job as monster jobs and the job market as a monster which forces us to give so much time to things which are far from who we really are. But you can make it the other way around. It's your choice.

Do you work in one of those monster jobs? Or is your job a living job? As yourself the following questions: Do you walk to work each day with a song in your heart? Do you have time for your family? Or do you feel emontionally exhusted at the end of your work day? Mayor even before it starts? Is your work week too long? Or is it OK?

Inspirational quote

"Think Good, and it will be good"

The Lubbavich Rabbi

Choosing to live

It's really your choice - living jobs or monster jobs. There is a monster within everyone of us. But there is a soul, a brave soul, which can win it all. It's really all our choice, our decision, to let the mind control the monster. One good thought has more power then 10,000 bad ones. Remember: nothing has power over you.

Lyrics of Songs

We are the power

We are the power in everyone /
We are the dance of the moon and the sun / We are the hope that will never hide / We are the turning of the tide.

(Rainbow song)

Creating your living job - where to start?

Start by balancing your frequency. Start by humming the dolphin's Lyrics of Songs, then find the time to breath.

Take care of your water and food supply and balance your EMF fields. Take breaks during work and share your progress with others. You will need to know how to focus, how to say enough, how to give up, and lots of other skills. Once you take action, there are lots of resources around to help.

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All creation is one - joy and belief are the basic blueprints for success.

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Written by Amnon Levav. Songs by Orit Levav. All rights reserved (c), 2004-2007.