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If you've ever tried creative writing, you know how sensitive is the process of getting to focus. Taken from my personal journal, here is an important creative writing tip.

20-March-2003, 20:30

It’s the end of my work week, late in the evening. When I arrived home, I have noticed a pain in my heart. After some time, I remember what holistic medicine tells us - the hands are directly connected to the heart. I take my paper notebook and start writing .

I have tried to focus on writing my insights for this site for weeks now, but in vain. My writing on the computer was not focused – so many distractions, so many possibilities, so much heat. Today, my computer usage started by surfing, then reading email, then reading news and doing technology evaluation. When finished, my concentration has gone away and I was no longer focused enough to write.

Suddenly, it’s me and my paper notebook again, nothing between us. I notice that the pain in the heart goes away during the writing. Amazingly, I don’t feel it anymore. That’s how I start to write this article – writing it by hand, standing on my feet. I decide to take my paper notebook to bed, to capture creative ideas. I will also take my paper notebook to the train, to continue writing in my way to work, before the busy work of the day starts.

20-March-2003, 10:20 Relaxed, after a good living-water bath, in the bed, I continue to write. Writing flows naturally, without effort. With deep joy of relief, I experience my hands again, this time as a great writing tool which directly connects me to my feeling, allows me to better share you with the things which work for me.

I realize computers are great for editing, and the web as a great medium for sharing what I write. Editing, I understand, can always be done later, after the basic emotion is communicated.

The web is a great tool for sharing and collaboration – when used with care. The web allowed me to create a great virtu-real community which helps people to help each other on the subject of health and natural lifestyle. The web allows me to create this site and share it with you.

Exited with the importance I decide to write a writing-journal of my site, and publish it there from time to time.

21-March-2003, 4:05

Exited with new thoughts about my site, I wake up and write them on my notebook. Orit, my wife, reminds me what she knows for a long time now: “The hands are directly connected to the heart. Doing small actions with the hands, you make life energy flow into the heart. It’s similar to the feeling I have when I paint. That’s why sometimes I paint while talking in the phone, or while listening to a lecture.”.

I notice I am my best graphologist. When reading my handwriting, I can reconstruct the mood and the insights I had when writing. I understand it’s good to build a great infrastructure to my site. The traffic is still small but the numbers are going up quickly.

Orit suggests the following creative writing tip: Top put some of my handwritten sketches on the site. This can help convey a message of connection to the heart. That's a good idea which is implemented on one of my other sites.

21-March-2003, 7:30

Hugging my young daughter, we connect our hearts together. I realize: In a cold hitech world, the warm human touch is crucial. We promise each other to make hugging a habit. Then, when I start writing in front of the computer, I realize my editing activity is much easier.

21-March-2003, 12:30

It seems creating writing tip sites are flourishing on the net. For example, look at the Soul Food Cafe or at Yahoo's creative writing tips directory.

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