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The Cycle of Work lyrics of songs

We are all in the cycle of work. Read the original lyrics of songs, by Orit Levav, which cover all stages of career development, to get insight and inspiration.

Dolphin Swim

I have so many questions !
     With so few answers.

          Listening to ancient wisdom, I simply "Rest my case" ...
          Swimming for a while ...

     Just rest and trust,
... swim and smile !!!

Have Time

Only when the time is in your hands ,
     you can create time. It's simple .

          Only when you have your time ,
               you can share it , with other people !

               Have time to talk
          Have time to walk
     Have time to play

So said the dolphin ...
     "I have a whole day , to myself and others ,
          Thanks god , I have my day ! "

Creating my Path

Creating my path
     Enjoying my dance ...
          Feeling the freedom
               of using my wisdom
                    Being thankful for all
                      especially the small
                    smiles of my soul .
               Creating my path
          From my ups
     and my downs
Hugging it all!

Looking for Knowledge

Here comes the teacher
     No sign of him
          Open your heart !
It is more then a dream !
                    What you ask to know
               Like the magic of snow
          Will fall quitely
     at your side .

Do not hide ...

It may be -
     a book that you save
          An old friend that you have
               Someone that you've met today
                    Or just
A whisper when you pray.
                       A word , a direction
                    A shiny piece of information
               A memory, A theory
          A sudden view
     A sign that spots,
with gentle lights on you ...

     All kinds of teachers can be right
          As have been said before
               (And Many Many Many more !)
          If you can only
     the name of the lesson,
You are looking for !

Finding a Job

It can last for a month , or a year ,
     Will it do fine … for one winter ,
          Or a lifelong career ?
               I will do my best to fit my shape …
                    Not wasting (too much of) my soul and self.

                    But who can say ,
               I have to fight my way to stay ?
          Sometimes the lesson is not long ,
     … you can't find music
     for your song,
and need to move .

(nothing to prove…)
     because the one ,
          you are truly working for ,
          is not a person …
     encouraging you, day by day,
to only keep the lesson .

Working with Joy

I'm here ,
     And I can do
          nice things for people
          I try to take my chance ,
               and hope to take it simple …

               I smile !
                    I am present …
                    My time is full of presents !

               Working with joy -
          Is just the only way ,
     I can move lightly
Through my day !

Shifting my Career

Swimming -
     is the game !
          Gently, Softly,
               The ocean is full of streams ,
                    which never are the
                         same ...

               My career is being me,
          No fear ,
     No Doubt
No Shame

Creating my Business

Joy and loughter,

     Deep oceans, come alive!
          Have to hold-on,
               Have to survive !
                    Have to think widely
                    ... Few times I've
                         missed a good - night's sleep
                         taking it too deep ...

                         Joy and laughter,
                    Deep oceans, come alive !
               Being "Pregnant"
          with my business
     (counting months)
one, two, three, four, five ...

Full-time me

Sometimes, being unemployed
     is being full-time me.
          Sometimes, working, just few hours,
               is being full-time me.

                    I hope to work, completely resting …
                    Breathing deeply - contemplating …
               Dancing my ideas, acting them outside ,
          being careful, being wide.
     Filling up my time with live creations,
sharing inspiration … And beneficial information.

Being full-time me :
     Free to give
          Free to forgive …
               Free to trust
                    Day and night ,
          Being full with
     Gentle joy …
And trust .

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Written by Amnon Levav. Songs by Orit Levav. All rights reserved (c), 2004-2007.