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Happy career change

Why you consider a career change? Is it because you are frustrated from your current job? Or are you inspired by the possibilities around ? Anyway, you must listen to your inner voice.

It is inside youself where you will find real answers. Making a happy career change begins with listening to your inner voice which calls for change. When your inner goals are clear, the shift is much easier .

Lyrics of Songs

Career Change

Swimming -
  is the game !
    Gently, Softly,
  The ocean is full of streams ,
which never are the
    same ...

My career is being me,
   No fear ,
      No Doubt
        No Shame

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There is alot of career change help around - But first step for finding joy, is to rediscover your inner dreams. This will create focus and save you alot of money, time and effort. I use Dream-Minder to help me find my goals and dreams. It's the best coaching software I've found. What's so unique is that I get constant reminder about my own dreams and goals during the day.

Making a career change takes more energy then simply finding another job. Maybe it’s only a matter of rephrasing your resume. But probably your qualifications need some adjustment, so you may need re-selecting your career path and start looking for some knowledge. Will you be satisfied by finding another full-time job? It’s your decision to take. Maybe you’ve already experienced the situation of moving to another job, where the same patterns returned. Maybe it isn’t the job, after all, but an inner process of development.

Making a career change requires planning and persistence. A very comprehensive guide for career changers and job seekers is Richard Nelson Bolles's practical guide for career change . This book combines a practical job-seeking guide with a deeper look on the process of career change with alot of other goodies. A new version is published each year. I highly recommend reading it.

Finding a job of the same type is much easier, but will it solve your dissatisfaction?

Creating your own business is another option. But how to do it easily? It’s best to start creating your own business on your spare time, when you are still working, with a stable cash-flow. Try to reduce the number of hours you work on your job, so you will have more energy for creating your business. Find a part-time job, if needed. Unless you have lots of spare cash, keep working. Even if your direction is clear, it will take some time to materialize. Gradual career changes are much easier to make.

Recommended Resources

"What color is your parachute" is a great book on career shifting, resume writing, and much more– it contains essential information about the job market and about effective job search. I highly recommend reading it.

"Living with joy" – is a great book on the spiritual path of finding joy in your life. Write your resume with joy, do it with focus, and you will succeed.

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