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Creating my Business

How to create a stable business? And how to develop it with ease? Here you find tips and advice on how I am creating my business and expanding it with easy, as an organic part of my life.

Lyrics of Songs

Creating my Business

Joy and loughter,
  Deep oceans, come alive!
    Have to hold-on,
      Have to survive !
      Have to think widely
    ... Few times I've
  missed a good - night's sleep
taking it too deep ...

Joy and laughter,
  Deep oceans, come alive !
    Being "Pregnant"
    with my business
  (counting months)
one, two, three, four, five ...

*Cycle of work* songs"

What is the best way for creating your business?

The salary in your day job grows at most at a linear rate with the number of hours you do and with your rank. But business potential is exponential. For the first time in history, you can create your business from home in your spare time without leaving your daytime job.

This site gives you sound advice on how to create your business. It my be done without a lawyer, without quitting you day job, without the need for creating a business plan and taking a loan and getting your own tax id in Nevada. The dream is within your reach, in your own spare time. Make a test for you concepts and get security and stability. This site shows you how to focus your energy in the most effective way. No knowledge of technology is needed.

Important Principles

Leave technology behind. Technology is changing too fast. Instead, focus your talent in creating solutions for real, human needs.

Jobs disappear. And you current job will disappear as well. Focus your creative energies in actively creating your future.

Read the following articles:

Consulting business formation - tips to help you form your consulting business.

Online business formation - tips for flexibly create your own business online on your spare time.


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