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Happy career choice

Is it possible to make a happy career choice in our world today?

How to balance work and family, personal development and career needs? And which career is right?

Lyrics of Songs

Creating my Path

Creating my path
   Enjoying my dance ...
      Feeling the freedom
         of using my wisdom
            Being thankful for all
               especially the small
            smiles of my soul .
         Creating my path
      From my ups
   and my downs
it all!

*Cycle of work* songs")


Making a happy career choice is a continuous process of selection, focus, and communication. Certain stages are the easy outcome of others, give them a happy base. Career selection must be done with joy. Your mind must be clear.

In order to advance, it’s important to focus your energy investment. The ocean has warm and cold streams, slow and fast ones. Dolphins allow the stream to take them forward. They usually act effortlessly, easily. From dolphins, we learn that minimal energy investment in the right stages can create maximal effect on your career path. Dolphins achieve great results with minimal effort, while playing with joy. Choosing your career path requires intuition and concentration. It’s needed to keep looking forward and having a vision of the things you want to do.

Choosing your career path requires intuition and concentration. It’s needed to keep looking forward and having a vision of the things you want to do. The best decisions occur on a calm weekend, in nature, after a good bath, or in the calm hours of the day. One of the best to help you focus your career choice dreams is Dream Minder , a new software tool which coaches you to uncover your dreams and nurture them.

Important tips for career choice:

  • While doing your daily tasks, observe the tasks you are most enjoying to do. Know, you can teach yourself to enjoy new tasks – if you think good, it will be good.
  • Keep your inspiration. Throughout the day, you must memorize your career decisions.
  • It’s usually impossible to experience before you choose. The same place doesn’t return twice. And it will sometimes takes months and years to get the necessary skills. Therefore, you will need to feel the possibilities in advance. Get a (live or printed) tourist guide, or a mentor.
  • Your schedule is the power which allows you to constantly swim forward. Nurture a schedule which supports your career path selection. Any activity which you want to grow (such as creative writing or physical work or prayer or meditation) need to be entered into your schedule. The way you shape your schedule, the way you divide your time investment, is a critical activity which determines your longtime success. Shaping my schedule requires discipline – but gives me simple joy and the secure feeling of constant advancement.
  • Adopt a habit of constant development of skills and knowledge. Observe your actions and learn from everything you do. See what can be improved and maintain a list of the most important skills to learn and/or experience. You need to nurture your spontaneity, your social relations, your diligence, your focus, and other skills as well.
  • Whenever possible, take the time to experience. It will help making decisions. Creating my career path, I've discovered that to really learn what works for me, I will have to experience. I can’t wait for the perfect decision - there is too much information and the world changes too fast. You will only learn real lessons by doing.
  • Find people to ask them about their experience with the career choice you consider.

Taking the time to observe your feeling will help you decide.

When you look at your work as an experience, when you are eager to learn from it, it becomes easier. You do it better. And you are left with more energy at the end of the day.

Take some time to observe the lessons you've learned in the last day. Make some decisions about what works and what doesn't. You must do those decisions with a clear mind. Create clarity by finding your inner place, a calm place (or time) where you can think clearly and listen to your intuition.

When (or shortly after) the experienced lesson, observe your feeling. Do it in a calm place (For me it's created when I walk in the nature, when I watch my breath, when I meditate, after a good bath or sleep).

It's important to remeber your dreams. Hold a paper notebook near you. If you work in front of a computer, there is a new option. Dream-Minder - a new inspirational coaching software - helps me remember the goals I have and nurture my dreams.

Here are the books I recommend for easy, meaningful career choice. I've read each one of those books, with great benefit:

What color is your parachute is a great book on career choice, career shifting, job searching and more is . The book contains essential information about effective career path selection and job search. When creating my path, it helped me get a general overview of the career world, it's hypes, myths and facts.

Living With Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation (Earth Life Series, Book I) – is a great spiritual book that helped me alot in making a career choice of joy.

Momo - By Michael Ende - is a great book on illusions and sufficiency that helped me alot in my career choice.

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