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Bring Dolphin's Simple Joy to your Work - Job - Career

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Useful Resources

The dolphin swims around.

Here are useful resources for balancing your work life, creating your happy job & career, and inspiring your life.

Balanced Work

After looking at my album of selected dolphin pictures (this is a must visit), Visit my business web hosting strategies blog (and subscribe to it's RSS feed) to get updated tips from my small business Web hosting strategies site.

Inspirational Work Life

Anti Career - Tips, books, tapes and workshops to help you create the work you love.

Dreams Alive - Tips and advice for living the life of your dreams. Unique inspirational software. Read my review about it.

Dolphin Swimming

To regain simple joy in a hitech world, swiming with dolphins is one of the best way. A total, rewarding experience which might be the the experience of a lifetime. Here are my recommended dolphin swim resources.

Dolphin and Sea Life

The Dolphin Place - Great visual design. Dolpnin questions and answers, tips, and more.

Dolphin Lovers - Unique dolphin gifts and collectables clothing, statues, toys, books, videos, fountains, jewlery, furniture, bath and kitchen products, figurines great gift ideas.

Seashell World - An environmentally educational shopping experience. Exotic sea shells, starfish and unique seashell novelty items. Fun for collectors and crafters alike. Dive on in!

Learning with Joy

Why commute? Earn your degree online, from home. It saves time and it's more ecological. Online Degrees Info.com contains information about online degrees with the best online universities and distance learning programs. Education at home is needed to find a better career. Also, you get info about online training courses.

Business Opportunities

Franchise opportunities make it much easier to start your own business - the blueprint is ready. And the best way is to start it part time. For example, Part Time Jobs is a one of the most popular in the UK and Ireland. To join Apply now for your free CD-Rom information pack. There is no obligation and no risk in this part time job opportunity.

A1 Newsletters - This site as you will see is all about starting and building your business for fun and profit, using newsletters and articles.

Work at Home Based Business - 'Work at Home' is a community where you can find important tips, articles and tools for your home based business. Contains alot of recommended sites.

Career Resources - Employment and Jobs

When Looking for a career, carefully listen to your heart. Is it your mission in life? Then go for it. And always leave time for joy!

Professional Networking - MyWorkster provides a professional presence online (including a profile, resume, and video resume) as well as a means of networking with other job seekers.

Find Employment Opportunities @ Employment911.com - Your one-stop job site.

Jobs Via the Web - Directory of resources for online job searches including sites that provide free resume posting and job searches, work from home, professional resume assistance, resume distribution services, job search tips, and information.

Happy Advice

ShouldI.com Advice Column helps visitors share their situation and then access the collective experiences of a large number of people to solve problems with careers, pets, parenting, relationships, weddings, religion, and much more.


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