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The End of Work

Is it the end of the age of work, as we know it? The end of jobs?

And what can you do about it?

The End of Jobs

Take a look at what happens:

  • Less and less people are full-time employed.
  • People have to change careers several times during their lifetime.
  • The rate of unemployment goes up.
  • Job stability goes down.
  • Even at times of economical 'growth' (so-called), when the profits of companies go up, the rate of unemployment doesn't go down.

Few decades ago, you could expect to stay at the same job for a lifetime.

Nowdays, you should expect to switch your job every two or three years. Even those people with full-time job, are required to work more and more (sometimes around the clock). The hourly wage goes down. And jobs become more and more specialized. You are required to know more and more about less and less. Hence, the time needed to switch careers increases.

The opportunity

The world is now much more dynamic. More and more people choose to make a living from home, open their own home business and take control of their own life.

Like a dolphin, learn to trust the waves of change.

Believe everything is for good.

Become dynamic - and your life will flowrish.

Like a kid learns to walk, tries time after time,

Try it again and again.

Until you succeed.

What to do?

Consider the following strategies and tips:

  • Get out of the full-life work dream. Learn to relax, to stop for a minute, to look at the sky and at the wonderfull creation around us.
  • Focus on the basics. Remember that the real base is relationship with other people, not with technologies. Technologies change faster and faster. But good relationships are here for a lifetime.
  • Re-invest your time with your familiy.
  • Walk by foot - it's essential for your body's health.
  • Work part-time to get a constant cash flow.
  • Start creating your own balanced work from home. Open a small business from home in your spare time. This will not only provide alot of fun, but also provide a second income source - if you do it with the right tools (here is my proven tool).
  • Learn to use the web effectively (I am writing another site about effective small business web hosting strategies).
  • Learn voluntarity simplicity.
  • Get some holistic financial education.

My Recommended Work Resources and Tips

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