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Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii

Consider swimming with dolphins in Hawaii? Hawaii is a great place for swimming with wild dolphins in the wild. It's very exotic, with unique wildlife animals, wild beaches, colorful corel reefs, and more. Travel to Hawaii, however, is relatively expensive.

Top dolphin swim places include Kona - the Main, Big Island (e.g. DolphinEssence), as well as the wilder Oahu (e.g. Sea Life Park) and Maui Islands. Some of the tours and expiditions are going out of Honolulu.

Whether it's Maui, Oahu, or Kona - dolphins are all around, all the year. Take a look at the great pictures at the personal website of Captain china-mike, a dolphin swim guide.

"The best Swimming with Dolphins is where both you and the dolphins are wild and free", writes "Wild Side Aquatic Safari":

The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are under threat from unrestricted and unregulated growth of tourism.

Swimming with wild dolphins means you meet them on their turf, your experience totally dependent on their choice of if, how, when, and how long they will have an intimate experience with you...

Sign a petition in this wild dolphin swimming tours provider in order to help them.

Also take a look at my full list of swim with dolphins locations - Florida, California, the Caribbean, Mexico, and More.

Aim for the wild dolphin swims, tours and adventures - they are the most ecological dolphin swim types. Don't be fooled by dolphin hotels or dolphin swimming pools - blue chlorine might be dangerous for both captured dolphins and people.

Dolphin Swim Guide

A dolphin swim is the experience of a lifetime. Read my full guide for swimming with dolphins to learn how to get the most of this rewarding experience.

Also take a look at hitech-dolphin’s recommended sources of inspirational pictures of dolphins, dolphin information, free dolphin screen savers, amazing dolphin art and beautiful dolphin clip art and cartoons.

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