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Dolphin Information Guide

Where to find dolphin information? And how to fully experience their joy? Here are selected information sources and tips.

Inspirational Quotes

" All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it"

Quote by Samuel Butler, 1912. (Quoted by Sally Kirby).

The dolphins

We don't have alot of dolphin information. Dolphin research is a relatively new field of research, which has just recently started to develop.

Dolphins are social animals, full of joy and inspiration. Together with the whales, dolphins are the most intelligent sea animals. The quality of dolphins is the quality of water, of emotional flow, of communication in different levels, of spontaneity, of telephonic communication, of Joy.

To fully appreciate the totality of the dolphin species, you must swim with them, experience them with all your senses, as this dolphin story illustrates.

Below you will find my selected inspirational sources of dolphin information. Online dolphin information is quickly accessible. Digital photos are inspiring, but dolphin posters are always present. Videos and books will give you a deeper learning experience. Dolphin swim gives you the best, deepest experience.

Dolphin information - online sources

Sounds, anatomy, photos, and evolution - lots of dolphin information can be found on ‘The World of Dolphin’

Tens of articles and dolphin information – can be found on the site-101 dolphin community.

Dolphin information - video

Videos are a good medium to get nonverbal dolphin information. They help us experience the art of being at their presence.

Just released, the Children of the Sea video (DVD / VHS format) promises to make it easy for you to safely alter your brainwave patterns into balance, bringing you a feeling of inner calmness and emotional relaxation. “In just five minutes a day you can transform your energy field”.

Dolphins - The Ultimate Guide is a very informative video (DVD format).

Dolphin books

Listening to Wild Dolphins: Learning Their Secrets for Living With Joy – This book speaks to the power of JOY, and will give you dolphin information on all levels. Bobbie Sandoz's story unfolds in three phases. First, she befriends the dolphins and observes how they embody the characteristics of the higher self: kindness, joy, harmony, wisdom, clarity, and mystery. Second, she notices that the dolphins are communicating telepathically with her. Finally, she transfers to the human sphere what she has learned - that adopting the spirit of the dolphins can lead to joy. This book is excellent material, and belongs on the shelf of any dolphin lover.


Dolphin Chronicles: A Fascinating, Moving Tale of One Woman's Quest to Understand-And Communicate With-The Sea's Most Mysterious Creatures. A personal story of the scientist Carol Howard provides an intimate, moving account of one woman's attempt to unravel the mysteries of the dolphin-one of the sea's most fascinating and enigmatic creatures.



Dolphin Voices - Ocean Nature Sounds

One of the most popular kinds of new-age music is nature sounds, which allows us to regain our connection to nature. Ocean sounds give the feeling of tranquility. Dolphin voices are specially inspiring. Dolphin therapy is a growing field of alternative therapy. And dolphin sounds easily bring their therapy sounds into your home.

Short free MP3 dolphin sounds will only give you a glimpse of what's possible.

Atmospheres: Dolphin Dance is a hidden gem, with completely natural sounds of ocean waves, dolphins, and seagulls. Highly recommend by all reviewers.

Celebration of the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin - Enjoy the pure natural sounds of Wild Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and Humpback Whales recorded off the Kona Coast of Hawaii.



Dolphin Swims

Dolphin information is only the beginning. You get the best dolphin insight by direct experience.

A list of places where you can swim with dolphins around the world , as well as books on dolphin swimming and dolphin-healing can be found at ‘Dolphin Heart’.

Dolphin Games

A free dolphin puzzle you can play online. Just double-click to move the parts to the empty space.

Selected Dolphin Information Posters

In affiliation with allposters.com, the most popular posters site on the web, here is my preferred selection of dolphin information posters.

Fully Experience the joy of dolphins

Swim with wild dolphins | Dolphin Swimming Guide
Welcome to the experience of a lifetime - swimming with wild dolphins. What are the best places? What to take? And how to prepare? Here is your guide.

Take a look at hitech-dolphin’s recommended sources of big photo dolphin posters, amazing dolphin art, exiting dolphin photos, free dolphin screen savers and dolphin wallpapers and beautiful dolphin clip art and cartoons.

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