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Inspirational Quotes Guide

There are many sources for inspirational quotes. The issue is how to use them effectively, to balance your work. Below are quotes selection checklist, selected quote sources, and tips for effective use.

Why use quotes for inspiration

The way to get the job of our dreams starts with loving the job we have. If you listen to the harmony within, if you open your heart, you will be able to capture the creative energies needed to advance.

Inspirational quotes, inspire your day. They nurture your soul and allow you to move forwards with ease. When joy is part of the process, everything becomes smooter. Use the inspirational quotes as a food to nurture your soul, for motivation and happiness.

Inspirational quotes selection

The best inpirational quotes are:

  • Easy to remember.
  • Packaged to be visually appealing.
  • Proactively remind you of their existance, so help you remember them and lighten your day.
  • Specific for your profession, culture, and circle of friends.
  • Easy to share.

Do you need those inspirational quotes for a friend? Or ... do you need those inspirational quotes as a gift to yourself, to inspire your day?

Anyway, you want them to be inspirational and to produce sustainable joy.

Where to find inspirational quotes

If you can't generate quotes, you will have to invest time searching for the exact quote you need.

Google inspirational quotes category - contains the best sources, sorted by popularity.

Generate your own inspirational quotes

Looking for inspirational quotes, I've found the difference between inspiration and motivation. Inspiration comes from inside, where motivation is external. I asked myself: is there a tool to help me generate my own inspirational quotes, coming from inside, tailored to my unique situation?

Searching the web, I've found dream-minder, a new software which includes inspirational quotes and vivid pictures, relaxing music and goals achievement guides. Inspirational quotes gently pop up at my selected time, together with beautiful screensaver pictures and gentle sounds.

It may take a long time to find the best inspirational quotes for your specific situation. Dream-minder does the hard job for you. Based on the goals you enter, you get inspirational quotes which are specifically tailored to help you achieve your dreams.

How to put your inspirational quotes into action?

Here are creative recipes to increse their effect:

Read them aloud when you walk to work. "Chew" them several times in the mouth, to increase saliva.

Invent your own melody as needed.

Mix the reading with smiles, whenever you feel sad or frustrated.

Serve them raw, uncooked, so that organic smiles could be preserved :).

Breath deeply, and feel your energy goes up.

Practice creative writing. Read hitech-dolphin's general creative writing tips.

Inspirational Songs

Take a look at hitech-dolphin's original 'Cycle of Work' lyrics of songs, full of joy and inspiration.

Fully Experience the joy of dolphins

Take a look at hitech-dolphin’s recommended sources of pictures of dolphins, free dolphin screen savers, big dolphin posters, amazing dolphin art and beautiful dolphin clip art and cartoons.

Inspirational dolphin posters and dolphin art prints are great gifts for your loved ones, for emotional flow, joy and inspiration. Consider putting some of them on your favorite place.

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