Swim with Dolphins Around the World
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Swim with Dolphins Around the World

To take a swim with dolphins is the experience of a lifetime. The biggest conciousness for the important of dolphin swimming exists in North America, together with the advancement of Ecological conciousness. Swimming with dolphins outside North America allows to see new dolphin species in their natural habitat (links below). Also take a look at my Swimming with dolphins preparations guide.

Swimming with Dolphins in the Red Sea - The Dolphin Reef, Eilat, Israel

Swimming with Dolphins in the Mediterenian

Here is a dolphin swimming club in spain.

In Europe, the warmest dolphin swimming destinations can be found near the mediterenian sea, at summer. Majorca, spain, is especially popular. ResponsibleTravel.com - The world's largest collection of responsible and ecotourism holidays - offers swim with dolphins vacations in the Azores Islands, in Eygpt, South Africa, Brasil, and Maxico.

Dolphin and Whale Watching in Europe

Here is a good directory for responsible Dolphin and Whale Watching Locations in Europe - Map included. Includes information on locations on Croatia, Norway, Denmark, Portugal - mainland, England, Portugal - Azores, Faroe Islands,Russia, France - Atlantic Coast, Scotland, France - Mediterranean Coast, southern Spain/ Gibraltar, Greece, Spain - Atlantic Coast, Iceland, Spain - Canary Islands, Ireland, Wales and Italy.

Dolphin Swims in the Red Sea

Dolphin Swimming in Eilat, Israel: This is the northern corel reff in the world.

Dolphin Swimming in the Southern Hemisphere

The southern hemisphere has opposite seasons - their mid-summer is January, so you can have a warm dolphin swim in the middle of the winter

Australia Dolphin Swims

People from all over the world come to see wild bottlenose dolphins of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.

RockingHam Dolphins - They are Australia's original dolphin swim company with an amazing 99% success rate and were proud winners in the ecotourism category of the WA tourism

New Zealand Dolphin Swims

Dolphin swimming in New Zealand offers great sceneries. In NZ you can enjoy dolphin swimming with unique dolphin species, as well as the delights of a wonderful marine environment, close to the great sceneries of the beautiful coastline.

Dolphin Encounter® Kaikoura takes you to the home of the amazing dusky dolphins. It's advised to order those trips in advance.

Black Cat Crusises takes you to the home of the world's smallest and rarest dolphins, Hector's Dolphins.

Swimming wIth Dolphins in Thailand

Thailand features the rare species such as the pink dolphins and irraddy dolphins, and conservation efforts.

Here are some Thai dolphin swim links:

Dolphin Swims in East Asia

Indonesia locations: The Dolphins Lodge, Batam Dolphins, Bali, Dance of the Dolphins in Bali.

Dolphin Swims in South America

Spinner Dolphins in Brasil.

Commerson' dolphin conservation efforts, Argentina.

Dolphin Swim Guide

dolphin picturesA dolphin swim is the experience of a lifetime. Take a look at the full guide for swimming with dolphins to learn how to get the most of this rewarding experience.

Also take a look at hitech-dolphin’s recommended sources of inspirational pictures of dolphins, dolphin information, free dolphin screen savers, amazing dolphin art and beautiful dolphin clip art and cartoons.

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