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Information on Bottlenose

Information on bottlenose: Although there are 36 species of dolphins that live in the ocean, and another 5 river species, the most popular dolphin is the bottlenose, also known as the bottle-nosed dolphin. This popularity is likely due to its intelligence, friendliness, and behavior that often mimics human behavior.

For bottlenose dolphins information, take a look at my bottlenose dolphin facts. Also take a look at my dolphin pictures album for more bottlenose photos.

Information on bottlenouse dolphins - happy dolphin pictures

The Joy of Wild Bottlenose Dolphins

Wild Dolphins are one of the most beautiful animals on the ocean. Those mammals are great teachers, teaching us to regain our playfullness and joy. Smaller then whales, swimming together with fishes, or near the corals - they have a prescense of their own.

Bottlenose dolphins are the best known species of dolphins. Their sense of joy and playfullness is all around. The known 'dolphin smile' belongs to the bottlenose dolphin.

here are the best photos and posters I've found. Enjoy! And take a look at the other dolphin resources on this site below.

Further Bottlenose Information

Bring Dolphin's Joy into your Work Life, Career, and Job
  Bring Dolphin's Joy into your Work Life