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Unusual Dolphin Facts




Dolphin facts: Have you ever wondered which species is most similar to us, the human beings? Yes, it is Dolphins. Of course here we are qualifying the above statement saying not on the physical front but on the emotional and intelligence fronts. You would have seen these animals on REEL life movies like Day of dolphins, Orca or Flipper. Now let us try to understand them in real life know some dolphin facts as the Knowledge about a Particular animal and its ecosystem is the first step in its conservation.

Let us Dive deeper into dolphin facts.

To start, they are marine mammals, not fish. Although they can stay up to 15minutes underwater but have to come to the water surface to breathe every 40-50seconds

Biological Nomenclature

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Cordata vertebrates

Class: mammalian

Order: cetacean

There are around 32 species of ocean dolphins and 5 river Dolphins species .Among which Species Orca (killer whale) is the largest (Measuring Up to 6.1mtrs – weighing nearly 10tonnes) and Vaquita being the smallest (Measuring upto1.2mtrs – weighing nearly 40 kgs).

Facts on Dolphins Anatomy

Dolphins Body Structure

Dolphins are warm blooded animals, having a curved mouth which gives them a grinning look and toothed beak like structure called Rostrum .Their body is uniformly fusiformed, streamlined. The tails fluke help them to propel ahead with great force, this structure make them adept swimmers and divers.

Dolphins Skin

Dolphin’s skin is very smooth and rubbery Because of fatty layer beneath their skin called as BLUBBER which helps to keep them Warm.

Dolphins Intelligence

Bottlenose Dolphins have Brain weight to spinal cord ratio of 40:1 and their brains are bigger, having more Cerebral cortex folding than humans, making them nearly intelligent to humans.

Facts on Dolphins Senses

We have discovered and put the echo principle only in the recent decades but the dolphins have been gifted with this sense on birth,this extra sense technique called as “Echolocation” helps them know how big the substance is, the speed, and the direction of the item.

Facts about Behavior of Dolphins

Dolphin as Social Animals

Dolphins are very gregarious animals and found to be most affable of all sea creatures. They communicate with each other in their own unique Whistling Sound .Dolphins normally live together in group of 2 to 30 called as POD, sometimes in Hundreds called as HERD mainly lead by a female. They Hunt, mate, defend themselves in group.

Bonding in Dolphins

Dolphins have very high bonding among themselves. Mother nurtures the calf till 12-18months and cares for it till the age of 5-8 years. They also mourn to the death of their beloved ones, show their dominance by Biting, chasing or smashing their tails.

Interesting Dolphin Facts

dolphin facts: swimming in pods, for better protecthion

  • Male dolphins are called as Bull’s, females as Cow And babies as Calves
  • Dolphins attain maturity at the age of 8-15 years, they also Mate for reasons other than Reproduction, like for pleasure.
  • Dolphins have a cruising speed of 10 -15 mph (sometimes 25mph)
  • Dolphins have ability to do Tail-Walk(Walking on its tail in water)
  • Maximum age of dolphin is 25-50 years and average being 20-30years depending on species.
  • Dolphins normally sleep with their one half of brain and one eye closed
  • Dolphins Copulates Belly to Belly
  • Newborn Bottlenose dolphins are 1mtr long and weigh nearly 20kgs
  • Dolphins can produce ultrasonic sounds up to 200 KHz
  • Being shallow divers , dolphin can swim up to 260mtrs below the water surface
  • Dolphins develop a layer on their teeth’s as they Grow, which can help to determine their age
  • Dolphins jump from surface of water (as high as 15ft) and land on their side or back, this act is called as “Breaching”

Dolphins in fact are Good Teachers

We have always been exalted by animals in different ways, be it to swim like a fish or fly like a bird. we can learn from dolphins, to be friendly and bonded to all as they do by showing their friendliness even to the humans, working in teams to achieve the goals, breaking high barriers to reach high, by seeing how they breach and to be quick learner, alert and Agilent to the varying situations.

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Bring Dolphin's Joy into your Work Life, Career, and Job
  Bring Dolphin's Joy into your Work Life