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Looking for knowledge

Looking for knowledge, you may ask:

  • What is the best way to learn?
  • Which subjects are really important?
  • And how to keep my knowledge relevant?
Lyrics of Songs

Looking for Knowledge

Here comes the teacher
No sign of him
Open your heart !
It is more then a dream !
What you ask to know
Like the magic of snow
Will fall quitely
at your side .

Do not hide ...

It may be -
a book that you save
An old friend that you have
Someone that you've met today
Or just
A whisper when you pray.
A word , a direction
A shiny piece of information
A memory, A theory
A sudden view
 A sign that spots,
with gentle lights on you ...

All kinds of teachers can be right
As have been said before
(And Many Many Many more !)
If you can only
the name of the lesson,
You are looking for !

*Cycle of work* of songs

Looking for knowledge, we observe that our society has become knowledge-oriented. Yet when our knowledge is not in order, the more we have of it - the larger our confusion.

Want to learn a new subject? Want to acquire a new skill?

Dolphins find it best to think of knowledge as the wide ocean around. The best way to learn it is to swim in it with joy, dive in it with happiness.

Looking for knowledge, the lessons are clear:

  • Dolphins love to have company. And learners too. It’s best to learn with others.
  • When doing is accompanied with learning, our knowledge is always relevant to the task at hand. It’s best to balance learning by doing.
  • Learning to be in a positive learning-flow is like learning to be in a positive cash flow. If you learn without doing, your “learning-flow” is out of balance.
  • Don’t try to over-learn: As we go forward in the ocean and learn new things, we forget the old ones.
  • To reach your target, you must move in a clear direction. Let your intuition decide, and communicate with other dolphins around.
  • The lighter the weight you carry, the more flexibly you move. Less is more!

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Written by Amnon Levav. Songs by Orit Levav. All rights reserved (c), 2004-2007.