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Consulting Business Formation

How to form your own consulting business? Here are the steps you need to take to become a successful consultant.

Consulting business formation is part of the greater cycle of work. Whether you're making a career choice, looking for career education, finding a job, working with joy, making a career-change, creating your business, or becoming full time me - all is one.

The process of finding out your ideal work is a process of continous learning, of connecting to the divine within you, and manifesting it outside. To decide which path is right, it's recommended to listen to the innermost part of your soul. Your life and happiness actually depends on it. It all starts from inside, by building the right mindset. Then you learn the nececary skills, and then you open your consulting business. Done with joy, the process of consulting business formation becomes the process of becoming yourself. If you follow the right direction with joy and persistance, you will succeed.

Doing it easily

Anyone can consult. So why not form a consulting business?

Fact of life is that clients tend to ask for consulting from people they trust. They must recognize you, or their friends must recognize you (Pepole get recommendations from friends they trust). So how to get them recognize you? Start by teaching and writing, and you will have the nececary foundation.

Take it a step at a time:

  • Create your own free time slots. Having free time is a must for any successful consulting endavour.
    • Best thing is to have a part-time job, which can get you a positive cashflow while allowing enough free time to advance.
    • But if you work full time, then try to maximize the learning time in your work – learn from everything you do.

  • Learn. Learn to self-learn. Learn how to learn. Learning is the best investment in yourself. Learn better relationship as well as better technical skills. Be lazy – learn what you need and use it to do something – this is the most effective way of learning. Learn from home. Learn at your free time. Learn at work. Our life is a great learning opportunity.
  • Use your knowledge. Learning must be accompanied by doing. You can’t really learn unless you do something with the things you learn. And once you become active, you will acquire the knowhow.
    • So learn about something you do at work.
    • Or summerize the things you learn about.
    • Or write about the things you learn.
    • Or document them in other ways.
    • Then, lecture about the things you learn.

  • Write. This will help you refine your knowledge and get it ready for sharing with others.
  • Share your knowledge with others. Do it through the web and face to face. Since you have your writings ready, the task will be much easier. Be enthusiastic about your knowledge. Share it with joy and passion. We are all like a pipeline. The more we transfer the knowledge we got, more knowledge flows in.
  • Teach. Developing your own teaching material and style.
  • Get Consulting offers.

The steps above outline the path of consulting business formation. The path is quite straightforward. And it may well be a part of your career path.

Start by learning. Then continue by writing and teaching (maybe working). People will ask you questions so you will start mentoring. Then you will be a real consultant.

Open a thank-you notebook to document your consulting business formation process. Write thanks every day, for the things you’ve learned. When you thank the things you’ve got, the path is open to get more.

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