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Baby Dolphin Photos

Here are my selected sources for free baby dolphin photos. Enjoy! And take a look at the dolphin posters & photos album and at the other dolphin resources below.

Baby Dolphin Photos

The alamy website contain tens of baby dolphin photos which you can download, part of them royalty free (I think the royalty free photos are free to download if you agree to their license, but I haven't checked it out).

A nice video, from the National Geographic website, shows how a baby dolphin learns the secrets of survival.

Here is a young dolphin, together with his mother:

Pictures of baby dolphins

Why Dolphin photos

Wild Dolphins are one of the most beautiful animals on the ocean. Those mammals are great teachers, teaching us to regain our playfullness and joy. That's why people love dolphin gifts so much.

There are many dolphin photos, but good photos are quite rare. The most beautiful pics are those made in nature, underwater, with an inspirational quality of light. You need a professional underwater photographer which with a lot patience and experience in order to make them.

Baby dolphin photos are especially rare - here are the best photos and posters I've found.

Free photos of Baby Dolphins

A clear baby dolphin photo

Photos of the birth of a baby dolphin

Here are facts about baby dolphins as well as a small photo

The third photo is a baby dolphin photo

photos of baby dolphins surface in hong kong waters

Fully Experience the joy of dolphins

Take a look at hitech-dolphin’s recommended sources of great dolphin posters, exiting dolphin information, free dolphin screen savers, amazing dolphin art and beautiful dolphin clip art and cartoons.

Bring Dolphin's Joy into your Work Life, Career, and Job
  Bring Dolphin's Joy into your Work Life