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Dolphin Engagement Rings - Selection Guide

Dolphin engagement rings, as well as other dolphin gifts, are very popular nowadays.

In a stressful world, dolphins symbolize emotional flow, happiness and joy. Here is your guide - selected sources and tips.

Selecting your own Dolphin Engagement Ring

There are many kinds of dolphin rings available.

Dolphin Ring Pictures GalleryEngagement is a special event and requires special consideration. When selecting a ring for your engagement, consider the following factors:

  • Material - there are gold dolphin rings, silver rings, glass rings, platinum rings. Which materials are best? Some materials are more durable, others are less, but overall it depends on the personal taste.
  • Design - a stunning gemstone ring? a brilliant diamond ring? or maybe a pearl ring? pearls&dolphins is a smart combination.
  • Does the size fit? check it out!. Some rings are also adjustable ...

Although an engagement ring is something very special you might want to save your budget for the dolphin wedding ring!

My Personal Recommendations

Why Dolphins

Dolphins are social animals, full of joy and inspiration. Together with the whales, dolphins are the most intelligent sea animals.

The quality of dolphins is the quality of water, of emotional flow, of communication in different levels, of spontaneity, of telepathic communication.

Dolphins are one of the most beautiful animals on the ocean. Those mammals are great teachers, teaching us to regain our playfulness and joy. Smaller then whales, swimming together with fishes, or near the corals - they have a presence of their own. Looking at dolphin art has great energetic qualities (more dolphin information).

A Dolphin Blessing

I wish you a joyful engagement and a warm swim in selecting your own special dolphin engagement ring ...

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