Inspirational Calendar for the year 2005

Inspirational calendar for the year 2005 is a great gift - it stays visible for the whole year. Make it radiate inspiration, peace and happiness. Here are my selected 2005 calendar types.

Dolphin 2005 calendar
2005 calendar - selected categories
Free Printable Calendars
2005 Holiday Calendars
Calandar software
Dolphins Joy

Dolphin 2005 calendar

Inspirational Calendar for the year 2005 - selected categories

Animal calendarsAnimal calendars are good if you need to create a sense of movement.

Floral calendarsFloral calendars create a mood of freshness.

Inspirational calendarsInspirational calendars help to create motivation.

Nature calendarsNature calendars increase the feeling of space and vitality.

Magnetic calendars are produced by magnetstreet. You may even get your own custom image printed on the magnet.

Free Printable Canendars

Free printable calendar templates are offered by printablecalendar. The free service automatically generates a free printable monthly calendar, weekly calendar or yearly calendar for the year 2005, 2005, and beyond.

Calendar Software

There are so many holidays around the world - a calendar software is the ultimate solution for an online, printable calendar.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to print holiday calendars for your selected country - simply add the holidays relevant for your specific country or destination. Other office packages should have a similar function.

2005 Holiday Calendars

Printable USA holidays calendar for the year 2005 can be found at

2005 holiday calendars - contain USA holiday dates and celebration tips.

International Holiday dates are available at

Fully experience dolphins joy

Dolphins are social animals, full of simple joy and inspiration. Together with the whales, they are the most intelligent sea animals. The quality of dolphins is the quality of water, of emotional flow, of communication in different levels, of spontaneity, of telepathic communication.

How to regain dolphins joy at work?
Hitech-dolphinÂ’s recommended sources of pictures of dolphins, free dolphin screen savers, big dolphin posters, amazing dolphin art and beautiful dolphin clip art and cartoons are here to help.

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