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Inspirational Love Poems

Here are your inspirational love poems. Looking at poems and songs is a great way to help us connect to our real emotions and move forward in our journey towards happy work.

Inspirational Love Poems / Orit Levav

If you look at yourself ...

If you look at yourself ...

And be happy with yours

You will be able to love.

If you love what surrounds you ...

You grow and expand.

If you only agree

to accept the blessing,

All around you

grows with you.

*Cycle of work* songs


Original Lyrics of Songs / Orit Levav

Have Time

Only when the time is in your hands ,
     you can create time. It's simple .

          Only when you have your time ,
               you can share it , with other people !

               Have time to talk
          Have time to walk
     Have time to play

So said the dolphin ...
     "I have a whole day , to myself and others ,
          Thanks god , I have my day ! "

*Cycle of work* songs"

Work with love by reading hitech dolphin's lyrics of songs inspirational love poems.

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Written by Amnon Levav. Songs by Orit Levav. All rights reserved (c), 2004-2007.