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Dolphin Jewelry - Waves of expression

Refreshing, young, stylish, unique, dolphin jewelry is a perfect gift! You can find a dolphin jewel for almost any occasion. Unlike other dolphin gifts a jewel is the kind of " forever " gift, even if not used any more, is kept in a treasure box.

People always remember who they got a jewelry from and the occasion.

Dolphin jewelry - diamond heart

What's unique about jewelry?

Do you want your gift to " say " something? to express? to remind?

Dolphin Gold Jewely - Dolphin in circle
Dolphin Jewelry - Dolphin in coral
  • You can write down a personal dedication on it ...
  • You can perpetuate a special date for a special occasion ...
  • You can write down your names to express your special bond ...
  • You can attach a photography of your love one or yours if you give it to someone else ...
Dolphin Jewelry - Dolphin in Oval
Dolphin Jewelry - Kissing Dolphins Golden Dolphin Jewelry -  Playing Dolphins

Why Dolphin Jewelry?

For your father, for your mother, for your sister or daughter, dolphin jewelry has the unique advantage of life, of joy, of wisdom beyond intellect, of emotional flow. It's not only a gift of love, it's a symbol which may help to strengthen your relationship and joy.

Refreshing Diversity

There're many kinds of dolphin jewelry: dolphin rings, dolphin pendants, dolphin bracelets and brooches, dolphin earrings, dolphin necklace, dolphin pins ... an ocean of dolphin ideas to enjoy and share!

Dolphin Jewelry - Is it just a decorative item?

Some jewelry can be very practical so it turns into something more than just a beauty.

Jewelry Brief History

Why we need to decorate ourselves? where all this come from? Ritual tribes? men or women?, art?, mysticism? ... Students of the natural sciences are in agreement when they say that of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, only humans seek to adorn themselves. Even as far in the past as primitive man, jewelry took on this role in a variety of forms.. Small objects were of primary importance, with some examples being found in the early Neolithic strata of the caverns.

It was here that many pierces stag’s teeth were discovered, often still in the shape of a necklace with its holding twine long since disintegrated. Closely related to the human need for ornamentation was the use of jewelry as amulets endowed with magical powers. For a true understanding of the growth and history of the importance of jewelry and precious stones, one has to be aware of the indelible belief that precious stones could affect the fortunes of the wearer.

Early in its inception, jewelry was associated with religious rites. Gold and jewels were used as gifts for the maintenance of worship. In accordance with this began the presumption that benefits could be derived from their wear and soon began the development of a complex network of fictitious powers being attributed to them. Curiously, many of these legends surrounding the benefits of certain stones were generally held all over the world. Gold and certain gems common to many parts of the globe were believed to yield similar virtues.

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Is it the perfect gift to get for you or your loved ones? Nowadays, more and more,
the answer is dolphin jewelry ...

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