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Computer Security Strategies

Computer security issues are common nowdays. More and more, we realize that security software is essential for effective computer use. But which strategy is effective?

Internet Security Online

Nowdays, the main security threat is the internet. The current internet architecture allows for global information flow, with little if no constraints. This makes security attacks easier then ever before.

Effective Security

Keep your computer security products updated. Don't buy previous versions of security software. This provides a good temporary solution. You need to have anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, and adware control. Look at CERT's home computer security guide for details.

But is it enough?

Real Security Software System

Real security software can only be done at the system level, by design. A real software security system must be built into the O/S level. Consider the following alternatives:

  • Stay with your current O/S, and look for standalone, non microsoft products whenever possible. The architecture of those products is much safer. This provide for a medium level of protection at a low level of expense.
  • If you use the Microsoft Windows O/S, consider upgrading it or replacing it with new O/S with bundled security software. Windows XP / Linux / Macintosh, or buy a new Linux machine on the side:
    • Consider moving to a later Windows version (Windows XP SP2) (but software compatibilty problems and hardware performance problems may make the move impractical in terms of cost and effort involved).
    • With the linux O/S, performance will be much better, but you have to check compatibility with your current hardware and the amount of time you will need to re-learn basic skills.
    • Macintosh is the most user-friendly platform, but the cost is the highest and the amount of free software available is small.

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