Happy career advice

There is alot of career advice around. This list contains some of the my best career advice learnt through personal experience. Here are some tips (more will be added soon). Look at the Swim Journal for more.

  • Keep it simple. Voluntary simpliciy is the base for peace of mind - you have free time left.
  • Balance between work and family. Good family gives you the support you need for life.
  • Balance between mental and physical work. Give yourself time to rest. This will greatly enhance your productivity.
  • Find a joyful activity and expand it with time. It will nurture your body and soul.
  • Create a fixed schedule and stick to it.
  • Profilt is a result of loving what you do.
  • Share career advice insights with other people - it will open the channel for getting more. We must give in order to receive.

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Blessings of Joy,

Amnon Levav

Dolphin Swim
By Orit Levav

I have so many questions !
With so few answers.

Listening to ancient wisdom, I simply "Rest my case" ...
Swimming for a while ...

Just rest and trust,
... swim and smile !!!

'Cycle of Work' songs